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Welcome to the Rabbit Hole  

My Hobbies

Other that computers, I have a few other hobbies.

Games: I like to play computer games, but I also like Card and Board games, here are some of my favorites.

  • Cribbage
  • Gin
  • Monopoly
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Go (The ancient Chinese Game)
  • Othelo

Reading: I have a descent library that is continually growing. Here are some subjects I read about

  • Computers
  • Science
  • Religion
  • Math
  • History
  • SciFi
  • Poetry
  • Other Languages

Boating: I love boating. Not a great fisherman, but I like to boat. I have a 1984 Kennedy 20 foot pontoon boat with a 2004 Yamaha 50 horse four stroke

Vintage Stereo Equipment: I love 1960's and pre vintage stereo equipment. I have a pair of AR-3s, an Armstrong receiver, and a pair of ElectroVoice EV-16s.

Thrift Store Shopping: I love to Thrift Store. I have found MANY cool things at them and am an avid shopper. I am also a pretty good walking eBay price list when it comes to electronics and computers.


My Toys

I am a computer-a-holic. :-) Here are a few pictures of my computers, and other toys. :-)

My Desk


My NeXT Cube


My MacBook Pro 17"


My Computer Museum


Da Rack


Draco (Named for the Real Stained glass dragon embeded in the side)


The Workbench


Extra Computers


My Religion

I am kinda strange in my religious views. Perhaps if you read this you will understand a bit of my views, but remember they are mine, and you are a guest in my "house". :-) So please respect my rights and views.

I am a Christian. However as my voter registration card will tell you I do not allow anyone to decide my views for me. I am an Independent, I consider myself a Libertarian (think Penn & Teller Libertarian), and no I did not vote for McCain, I also did not vote for Obama.

I believe that God sent his only begotten Son to die for our sins, as the ultimate show of mercy. I also believe that God is pure Love, 100% good.

I am against all unnecessary death, whether abortions (other than medical, rape, or incest), or the death penalty. God offers everyone a second, third, fourth chance, and we should also offer that to our brothers and sisters.

I believe in peace. Not the fake partisan peace of groups like Nebraskans for Peace, which are nothing more than a shell. It irritates me before Obama was elected they were everywhere fighting for peace, but as soon as their party gets into power war is A-OK. That is wrong, you should not use the flag of peace simply as another way to get your guy elected.

I believe that as Christ said, Love your Neighbor as Yourself.

I also have a strange view on marriage. Marriage is a religious institution, as such there should be no laws concerning marriage. No laws either for or against. No laws defining marriage either as heterosexual, homosexual, or any other definition. No laws dealing with divorce. If people get married and someone wants to change their name to their spouses, then a change of name form is available. If someone wants to get a divorce, it should be treated just like co-habitation, any agreements made before hand would be looked at, then what you brought you keep, they brought they keep, and what was bought during co-habitation if not dealt with by any of the agreements would be split 50-50. As far as children, that is simply a custody issue, and has nothing to do with the marriage. Spousal support is wrong, both are either capable of working, or one or both are disabled, either way they can support themselves.

Welcome to my Humble Abode

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. If you are wondering my home pages have always been called "The Rabbit Hole" before the Matrix came out. Now for a little about me...

I am a 30-something geek. I generally will have my nose in a computer, or a book. The latter not as much as I would like. I am a Mac/Linux Network Administrator, and have been SystemAdmining and NetworkAdmining for about 8 total years. I mainly work on Linux servers, but occasionally foray into Solaris, BSD, Mac, and that other OS.

I am also pretty handy. I do a lot of my own home repairs, work on my project car and boat, and like to help other people with their mechanical or electrical problems.

I enjoy card games, and board games.

On the internet you will not often find me available for chat as usually I am lurking.

I have a long haired dachshund named Merlin who is about 17 years old.


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Well enough for this page, have fun...


Welcome to the Rabbit Hole

Enter the Small Door and stay here, or take the Large Door back to the surface.

Around the House

General area for "Around" the house photos and info. :-)

My 1960 Montgomery Wards Sea King

My 1982 Porsche 928 Weissach Special Edition

First Floor of my House from the front door

My Library

My Desk Area

My Basement


I am a mainly a Perl programmer, a smattering of PHP, Javascript, and Applescript in there also, although I am working on learning C++. My main programming time is spent at work working on a Office Management system called Virtual Barrister. I have not done a lot of programming on the side, but now that my home network seems to be mostly the way I want it perhaps that will change. I have quite a few ideas, but have not yet gotten around to implementing them.

PerLOG is a syslog to MySQL server. I wrote it as there were not IMHO any descent and EASY syslog to DB servers. Most required pipes and other confluences that could easily break. I originally wrote it for work, but did it on my own time so I could keep the rights to it. So here it is: PerLOG


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